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Before you leave

  • Plan your trip – know where you intend fake jerseys on going and map it out on fake jerseys an itinerary. This fake jerseys enables you to fake jerseys work out driving for each day and what fake jerseys you fake jerseys need to take on your trip.
  • Research the area – find out all fake jerseys you need fake jerseys to know regarding access to parks, fees, supplies places to see, and where fuel and water can be obtained.
  • Apply for any permits for National fake jerseys Parks etc that need to be obtained prior fake jerseys to arrival.
  • If fake jerseys staying at a popular camping grounds or tourist park be sure to book in advance to ensure you have a place to stay.
  • Let someone know of your plans prior to leaving, such as departure date, places you plan to go and date due home.
  • Check park restrictions/closures, weather fake jerseys and road conditions etc.

Campfire Safety

  • Campfires are not permitted in some national parks and camping areas – check first if fires are permitted fake jerseys or not.
  • NEVER fake jerseys light a fire during a total fire ban.
  • NEVER light a fire in windy weather.
  • Use the constructed fireplace if provided. fake jerseys If not try and light your fire in a spot where a previous campfire has fake jerseys been, not on fresh ground.
  • Light fire on soil away from all other vegetation.
  • Make sure there is no leaf debris, grass and branches etc within a 2-3 metre radius of fake jerseys your campfire site.
  • Only have a small fire – suitable for cooking and warming.
  • NEVER leave a fire unattended, fake jerseys even for just a short period of time.
  • When fake jerseys you are finished with your campfire make sure you extinguish it using WATER or a fire extinguisher. Do not cover with soil in an attempt to smother the fire as this may leave the coals smoldering for a long time retaining heat and posing a threat.
  • Ensure the fake jerseys fire will be fake jerseys a safe distance from fake jerseys camping equipment such as tents and that all other equipment, such fake jerseys as gas bottles etc are stored well away from the campfire area.
  • NEVER use flammable liquids on a fire – fake jerseys even if you are trying to get it started.

Most campfire related injuries are due to not taking the necessary precautions or not extinguishing the fire correctly. Please ensure the safety of you and fake jerseys the others fake jerseys around you by being campfire wise.

In case of an emergency cool burns with cold running water, for about 20 minutes (NEVER use ice), cover burn loosely and seek fake jerseys medical treatment immediately!


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