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The albacore is also known as the Longfin Tuna. However it is distinguishable from other tunas and members of the mackerel family by its long strap-like pectoral fins, which extends beyond the second dorsal fin. Another characteristic which makes the Albacore distinct, from yellow fin and big-eye tunas, is the white edge on the tail. The body of the albacore is dark metallic iridescent blue to almost black above, changing through a lighter blue on the side gradually fading to a creamy white on the belly. The fins are dark with a yellow tinge and the trailing edge of the tail is white. Often a light blue line runs along the middle of the body.


Although it can grow in excess of 40kg, most Albacores captured are more around the 2 – 15kg range


This particular type of fish is caught all year round, but supplies vary depending on species and area. Albacore are deep ocean fish which prefer water temps between 14° to 18°.


Mainly using live and dead bait, with lures ( casting and retrieving technique )and through trolling methods.