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Fish Profiles



This particular fish are sometimes mistaken for the Barracouta, which besides some similar characterics are infact unrelated. This fish has an elongated torpedo-like silver body with dinstinguishing spots which are situated towards the tail, with a mouthful of fearsome dagger-like teeth with a powerful jaw and the tail can be tinged with yellow. These fish have been linked with cases of Ciguatera poisoning, so these fish are best to return to the water and not eaten.


Only some species of barracuda grow to a large size. Some have been measured in at over 170cm and tipping the scales at a wopping 30kg. The majority if Barracuda caught, however, will measure around 100cm and weigh somewhere between 4 to 8kg.


They are found in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide.


Not the most desired catch – the Barracuda is usually caught when trolling for other fish.