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The Barramundi is an attractive fish with big scales, close set eyes, nostrils and a large mouth. The actual colouring of the fish varies greatly depending on the environment in which it lives, as these fish can live in both fresh and salt water. The freshwater variety tends to be a dark bronze to brown coloured body with very dark fins and tail. Whereas the saltwater barramundi are a light copperish colour with mirror-looking scales with light coloured fins and often a yellow tinged tail.


This particular fish can grow to a maximum length of 2m ( 6ft 7in ), and weighing up to 60kg, however most fish caught weigh in between 5-6kg.


A warm water fish found in both the freshwaters and the tropical salt waters of Northern Australia. Found in estruaries and the coastal waters during breeding season.


The Barramundi prefers live bait and lures.