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Bream – Black

Bream – Black


This variety of bream varies in colour from silver, bronze to blackish green, with a white chin and belly. The fins are greenish black with a darker margin. These fish are most commonly found in estuaries and lower reaches of rivers, and may sometimes be found in fresh water. This variety is quite similar to the pikey bream, however they are only found in the tropics. Care must always be taken when handling black bream as they are armed with very sharp dorsal and anal spines which can inflict a deep wound, however they are not venomous.


Not a markedly large fish, this variety can mainly be found to weigh between 0.5 – 1.5kg, and any catches over that regarded as exceptional.


Black bream is most commonly found in the southern waters of Australia. Usually best to catch in late winter to early spring as this is the spawning time and many of the adult fish form reasonably large schools along rivers and lake beds.


The black bream responds to both live and dead bait, aswell as lures or soft plastics.