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The carp is a large freshwater fish which is recognised by its small eyes, thick rubbery lips with four barbels (two at each corner of the mouth), large scales and strongly serrated spines in the dorsal and anal fins. The colour is variable, but often olive green to silvery grey dorsally, fading to silvery yellow on the belly. The carp is often mistaken for goldfish (feral), although goldfish do not have the carps distinguishing whisker like barbels.It is considered to be neither a good table fish or sport fishing and is actually considered, in many areas of Australia, as a pest due to impact it has on many of our other native aquatic plants and animals.


Most carp caught within Australian waters weigh in between 1 to 4kg, and some carp caught can often tip the scales in excess of 6kg.


This fish although originally introduced from Asia is found quite widespread throughout NSW and Victoria and today even seen in some parts of Tasmania.


Carp can be caught using live/dead bait, lures, and with weighted or non-weighted lines.