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Also known as the Black Kingfish,the Cobia has a slender elongated body dark brown in colour and a prominent dark lateral stripe that runs from the eye to the tail. It has a dominant protruding jaw and a broad shark-like head. All fins are dark in colour. This fish is often referred to as the toughest and most powerful fighting fish in the Australian waters. Cobias are a nice eating fish and are a prized catch for any sports fisherman.


It grows to about 2 m in length and the most commonly caught Cobia can weigh in anywhere from 5 to 20kg.


In Australia they can be found from south-western Western Australia, around the tropical north of the country and south to the central coast of New South Wales.


Cobia can be caught using live/dead bait, lures and even flies. This fish is a fighter – so make sure your rig is sturdy.