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Dart – Swallow tail

Dart – Swallow tail


Also known as billy lids, dart and surf trevally. A relatively small fish with a slim silver body. It has dark patches along its sides. The dart has a forked tail and soft dorsal and anal fins. If they are to be eaten the Swallowtail dart must be bled immediately.


It grows to approximately 60cm in length.


The Swallow tail Dart prefers the warm temperate waters of northern Queensland, as far north as the tip of Fraser Island,reaching as far south as the NSW central coast. This fish is most often taken in the surf but can be caught off sandy bays and in shallow water. When surf fishing for the dart the best place to catch them is in deep gutters with white wash.


Smaller baits and light line is suitable , but they also respond to small lures and jigs.