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Flathead – Dusky

Flathead – Dusky


Also known as the Estuary flathead, dusky or flattie. This flathead gets its name obviously from its colouring, which ranges from a light dusky colour to a darker brown with a speckled appearance and a creamy to white belly. It has an elongated flattened broad body, large mouth and tiny teeth. It also has sharp spines which are located on the gill covers which are covered in venom so be extremely careful when handling this fish.


This particular species of flathead is the largest within the Australian waters, with the potential to grow to 13kg but most commonly found between 1 to 3kg.


The dusky is a bottom dweller which is found in the shallow waters of estuaries from southern Queensland to Victoria.


Flatheads are particularly fond of lures, but can also be caught with dead bait. It is important to keep the lure/bait moving as Flatheads wait for the food to come to them and then grab it.