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Also known as Jewfish, Jewie, and Butterfish, the Mulloway is a very large species of fish. The colouration of the fish varies depending upon the size and area in which it lives. Colour ranges from shades of green to a bluey/purple. The fins are dark and there is a noticeable black patch at the base of the pectoral fin. The Mulloway has a lateral line of silvery scales which travels the length of its body.


Can reach lengths of 180 cm. Most are caught weighing between 10kg – 15kg, but can reach weights of 50kg.


Mulloway prefer the deeper waters and are more commonly found in the southern estuarine and coastal waters of Australia ( excluding Tasmania and its surrounds ).


A good strong beach/surf rod with heavy duty tackle is the best option when fishing for Mulloway. Best to use a heavy sinker which will keep the bait anchored – and apply a slow retrieval technique to capture their interest. The Mulloway responds well to most live baits including, squid, prawns, worms, mullet, pipis etc and lures.