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Also known as rhe leatherskin, the queenfish is a large skinny lightweight fish. It is silver in colouration with a dark green back, and a row of dark blotches on its side which run down the length of its body. Also has a prominent forked tail.


Can reach lengths of 120cm and weighs in at around 10.5kg. However the common weight for this fish is from 1 to 7 kg.


Queenfish are found in the tidal estuarine waters and reefs around Australia all year round.


Queenfish respond well to trolling, lures, poppers, live/dead bait fishing ( best to use a running sinker rig), minnows and also flies. Important to use a heavy leader ( perhaps wire ) as the Queenfish have sharp teeth and have no trouble biting and damaging the nylon line.