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Fish Profiles



Relatively small fish, with a smallish head and scooped forehead. The redfin is green on the back fading to cream on the belly. The redfin has distinguishing olive-green bands running down its sides. It has a large spiky first dorsal, and tail and fins are a bright red in colour.


The size of the Redfin depends upon the population of the fish in that particular area. In overpopulated waters it is common for the Redfin to be caught between 15 – 25cm in length. Whereas in other areas the Redfin can grow to 3kg.


The Redfin is found in most Australian waters – however it most commonly spotted in the Murray.


The Redfin is quite an easy fish to catch. They respond well to baits such as yabbies, worms and prawns or lures. When targetting Redfinit is best to use light line with a paternoster rig.