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Salmon – Australian


Also commonly referred to as ‘sambo’, the Australian Salmon is a torpedo shaped fish with a large forked tail and fairly large mouth. This salmon can be divided into two separate species: the western species ( South Aust and Western Aust ) and the Eastern species ( NSW and Vic as far south as Tas ). This fish is of olive-green colouring which fades to cream/white on the belly, with distinct brown dots over its body.


Western species grow up to pkg, but most commonly caught weighing less than 5kg. Eastern species grow up to 7kg , but most commonly weigh in at less than 3kg.


Australian Salmon are generally found in the temperate coastal waters from southern Queensland, down the east coast of Australia down to Victoria and as far as Tasmania.


Australian Salmon respond well to trolling, lures, live bait and also fly fishing. They prefer lighter coloured baits/lures.