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Fish Profiles



In Victoria fisherman refer to this fish as Skipjack or Skippies. This fish is also known by the nickname ‘Chopper’. The tailor is a medium sized fish with green coloured fish with a white belly. The tailor has a forked tail and a mouth filled with small, yet razor sharp, teeth.


Most commonly caught weighing in less than 2kg. They do however grow quite larger offshore.


The Tailor is the most widely distributed fish in the world – being found as far as Asia and Africa, and is found just about everywhere in Australia.


Tailor respond well to lures,m innows, bait and flies on a strong line as they are known to be aggressive eaters. When you catch the Tailor it is important to bleed the fish – so it is an idea to cut the throat and bleed fish as soon as caught and store in a cool place.