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Trout – Brown


Also known as the Sea Trout, the brown trout has a large mouth and head. This trout also is covered with spots but none are on the tail, which is a distinct difference from the rainbow trout. The brown trout colouration also depends upon the area in which it is caught. Some brown trout, the lake and sea inhibitors, are silver with dark brown/black spots, whereas the river trout are a golden colour with spots of black, brown and a bright red.


Usually caught between 0.5kg and 2kg.


The Brown Trout inhabits the more cooler waters of Australia. It is most commonly found in rivers, lakes and streams in NSW down as far as Tasmania and around to south Australia and southern Western Australia.


Brown trout respond well to flies, minnow lures, and bait ( maggots, insects, worms, mussels, yabbies etc). Only light tackle is needed to catch Brown Trout, however fly fishing is the most effective method for catching one.