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Brindabella National Park

Brindabella National Park

Brindabella National Park covers a quite substantial area of mountainous peaks and wilderness, and is the most northern park within the Australian Alps. Brindabella National Park is only accessible by 4WD vehicle, which makes it a very popular spot to do some off road exploring, whether as a day trip or for a weekend 4×4 camping trip, the Brindabella National Park is an enjoyable mountainous 4×4 adventure for any avid 4WD enthusiast.

It is situated 30km west of Canberra, lying north-west of the NSW-ACT border. This mountainous park has many steep and rocky 4WD trails zigzagging and criss-crossing through the majestic mountains of the Brindabella bush, offering fantastic views along the way and a beautiful display of nature at its finest. The Brindabella National Park is open all year road and no permits are required to enter the park The 4×4 trails have some steep inclines and the surface is quite rocky and rugged so good ground clearance and suitable tyres ( off-road ) are recommended.

The 4×4 trails are rather narrow and in wet weather become very slippery . Extra caution must always be taken in winter as the trails become more difficult in frosty, rainy and snowy weather. Please ensure that you always stay on the trails/paths provided and do not go on a trail if it is closed to ensure your safety.

If you decide you would like to settle in and stay the night and relax amongst the beautiful flora and fauna of the Brindabella National Park you can always try a little bush camping at Blue Range Hut or Fleas Creek, which have no facilities. Or if you would like more comfort you can stop over at Cotter Reserve Camping Area which has toilets, picnic tables and fireplaces. However, camping is restricted to the designated camping grounds only.

Things to do and see…

  • Follow the mountainous 4WD trails that zig zag there way through the park
  • Take a bushwalk on one of the many walking paths situated throughout Brindabella National Park. Make your way to the summit of Mount Coree for a beautiful view of the surrounding area.
  • Relax amongst nature at one of the camping grounds with Brindabella National Park.


30km west of Canberra situated on the NSW and ACT border.