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The actual name ‘Innamincka’ is derived from the local Aboriginal word ‘Yidminimckanie’ due to the significant Aboriginal heritage in the region.

Always watch out for snakes when in the outback. Although being very isolated and being one of the most remote locations in the world Innamincka offers some great camping, fishing, bird watching, and general sightseeing. Whether you are interested in early European or Aboriginal heritage Innamincka and the surrounding regions offer some truly amazing and significant historical sites well worth visiting and exploring.

All the roads leading to Innamincka are dirt and after heavy rain may be closed – so it best to check weather and road conditions before setting of on your trip. Some of the best outback camping spots can be found in and around Innamincka. Some great camping sites are found on the south side of Cooper Creek in the Innamincka Town Common, and also up and downstream along the creek ( in specified camping sites only). Cooper Creek offers some great fishing and bird watching opportunities. Innamincka station provides some large camping areas and also some smaller clearings which offer more isolated camping sites.

This is one outback adventure that is sure to leave a lasting impression and most likely having you wanting to return. Be immersed in the true beauty of the Australian outback in all its glory – waking to the beautiful native bird calls and relaxing while the suns reflection shimmers across Cooper Creek. Peace, tranquillity and a piece of Australian wonder – make it well worth the trip.


  • Camping permit or Deserts Parks Pass is required which can be purchased at the local store ).
  • Be prepared and take all the food, water and spares that you require for your trip.
  • Always watch out for snakes when in the outback.

Things to do and see…

  • Sightseeing – east along the creek is the Burke’s Memorial ( 9km ), and west is Wills Memorial ( 20km ) and also the famed ‘Dig Tree’ and the King Marker ( where sole survivor John King was found -5km south-west of Innamincka).
  • Cullyamurra waterhole ( about 13km east of Innamincka ) – great for camping and fishing and if you travel further east you will find some fantastic Aboriginal rock carvings.


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