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Lake Awoonga

Lake Awoonga

Many anglers make their way to Lake Awoonga every year to catch one of the lakes famed Barra’s or one of the other fish species which are abundant in the lake system. Over 300,000 fish are released into Lake Awoonga every year – which is music to the ears of any avid angler. The fish in Lake Awoonga are also known for growing to quite impressive sizes, especially the Barramundi, as they have no predators and are well fed, which is another reason why Lake Awoonga renowned throughout Australia, and even the world, for its ‘great catches’.

When fishing at Lake Awoonga in winter it is best to head to the warmer water where you are more likely to get a bite. In the colder water the barramundi jump less as their metabolism slows and therefore slows down the fish. It is best to throw in a line throughout the day during winter rather than after sunset as the water temperature can drop quite significantly at night.

Note: The facilities at Lake Awoonga are free to the public.

Things to do and see…

  • Picnics – BBQ’s, playground.
  • Birdwatching – home to over 140 bird species.
  • Camping – privately operated camping and caravan grounds.
  • Sightseeing – native flora and fauna.


Lake Awoonga is situated in central Queensland on the Capricorn coast about 30km inland from Gladstone.