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Montezuma Falls 4WD Trail

Montezuma Falls 4WD Trail

A 4WD trip that takes you through a small region of south west Tasmania, surrounding you with beautiful rainforest to the glorious Montezuma falls, which are actually Tasmania’s highest waterfalls. The 4WD track takes you winding through the forest on a narrow track. These tracks are not accessible to 4WD vehicles which are wider than 2.2 metres and higher than 3 metres ( better get that measuring tape out ).

Although a reasonably short 4WD trip, covering only 50.8km, but still a very worthwhile venture. Although not a difficult track it is one that you must remain focused on and take with caution as there are several river crossings, and must always be aware of other 4WD vehicles in the area ( good idea to use a UHF radio to alert other drivers of where you are ).This 4WD track should not be attempted during wet weather as it makes the drive very difficult.

This 4WD adventure should be planned as a day trip only as there is no camping permitted along the tracks to the falls. Make sure that everything you need you have packed in your 4×4 as there are no facilities within the park. The Montezuma falls lie at the end of the 4WD track, which actually follows an old tram line.

Enjoy the stunning views from the lookout at the base of the Montezuma falls or take a beautiful walk amongst the dense canopy of the rainforest on the 48 metre long overhead trestle bridge. Be sure to wear wet weather gear as it tends to rain in this area all year round. Appropriate footwear is a must as it is always wet and slippery on the bridge and walking tracks. The bridge walk is a quite a long (7km) but not a very strenuous task but is well worth the effort if you are a nature lover. Become immersed in the enchanting beauty that Tasmania has to offer.

Things to do and see…

  • 4WDing
    Follow the 4WD track that leads you to the Montezuma Falls. Experience the fun of river crossings and take in the beauty of the rainforest as you go.
  • Rainforest Walk
    Enjoy the peace and the tranquility that this Tasmanian rainforest has to offer. Walk the bridge that allows you to see the forest from high amongst the canopy. Embrace the relaxation and beauty and breathe in the fresh air.


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